China’s Energy Revolution in this Century

According to the statistics made by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in recent years, the global investment in new energy development increases to 310 billion dollars only in last year. China, the largest country on coal consumption, has changed its face, becoming a major investor in clean energy, especially the solar energy. It shows that China has been investing 9.5 billion dollars in the development of green energy, compared to only 2.4 billion in ten years ago. It has been acting as a signal that China is on the way to embrace its own energy revolution.

“The energy revolution in China must go to the era of renewable energies directly, without the era of oil and gas.” said Mr. Zhongying Wang, the director of CNREC (China National Renewable Energy Centre), after China showed its expectation noted in the U.S. – China Joint Announcement last year.

As we all known that, there are two epoch-making energy revolutions in the history: the first represented as a shift from biomass energy to the coal age, while the second is a transformation from the coal age to the era of oil and gas. As Director Wang said, however, China has no choice but make itself do a large shift in this information age, without the second revolution as other countries. CNREC is a department which is related with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) closely, and the later one is in charge of international climate negotiation in China, who expects to force domestic reform by international public opinion. At the same time, the Commission had just presented a research report, showing that China is planning to build a new energy system, which will give priority to renewable energy before 2050. By then, the proportion of renewable energy in total primary energy supply will is going to be 62%.

The goal will be divided into several steps. China has its “five-year plan” to develop itself in variety fields since 1953. And the newest five-year plan, namely the thirteen five-year plan, is going to be implemented from 2016 to 2020. In this newest five-year period, China will pay more attention to global climate change and low carbon development research. It is no doubt that this major country in the coal industry will make renewable energy as the alternative to reduce the use of fossil fuel. After 2020, China will speed up in a highway towards the development of new energy. The scale of the renewable energy is expected to reach 20% before 2030.

For China, there will be obstacles in the path of energy revolution, but a prosperous expectation. The government officials of this leading developing country, have been more ambitious than ever, compared to other moments in the history. We just have to see, how well have they prepared for it.

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