Youth Demands and Expectation,三分钟带你聆听青年诉求与期待

12月4日,Youth Demands and Expectation新闻发布会在波兰卡托维兹联合国气候变化大会Press Conference Room Katowice举办,CYCAN执行总监郑晓雯作为主持人,邀请了来自中国的吴冠卓、佟孟臻及来自塞舌尔、斯里兰卡的两位青年共同向世界发布青年的诉求与期待。


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I am a representative from the China Youth Delegation led by China Youth CAN, China’s first non-profit organisation for youth in the field of climate change. Native to a smoggy city, I have always been devoted to tackling environmental issues of all sorts and advocating for cleaner energy. Although I have organised multiple activities domestically, many of which have cast profound influence on local environment, I look forward to taking my efforts to an international level, just like the other members of our Delegation.

As youth delegation, we expect to establish a collaborative network among global youngsters both online and offline so as to boost communication and foster interconnection among each other. As a non-governmental organisation, we expect to enhance mutual trust and cooperation between governments and NGOs. As a participant of COP24, we expect to see a tangible progress leading towards the implementation of Paris Agreement, and all bodies are summoned to head toward more ambitious goals.

Ambitious young people of the delegation are divided into three groups to carry out our paramount mission effectively: Activities, Negotiation and Communication groups. Members of the activities group organise side events, press conferences, workshops and other campaign activities to deliver the key message of our climate actions in China; those of the negotiation group follow through the whole negotiation process; those of the communication group present all the crucial information to the public back in China. While actively seeking breakthroughs during COP24, our team will also interpret core messages of the conference so that more youngsters might recognise the impeccable problem of climate change and support the joint efforts to fix them. In addition to collecting first-hand materials, we will also conduct interviews with expert scientists and politicians to obtain an authoritative analysis of the conference. Interviews are aimed to provide us an insight of the various efforts made by people of different nationality, occupation and backgrounds, which my teammate Alexandra will discuss later. As they look forward to a cleaner, cooler and better future, it is also the responsibility of China Youth Delegation to exhibit the power of the youth and promote climate change risk perception.


Today we are launching a climate change action. I am reaching out to you because we need your help, we need u guys to hear our voice. Climate change is a topic we have never been unfamiliar with: from the fluke that we thought global warming would not come so soon to the fact that when it did, the rapid melting of arctic glaciers, which we had thought would not happen, became a part of the reality.

I come from China, from the China Youth League led by CYCAN. We try to mobilize as many young people as possible to be advocates for change. We are not just talking about it – we are trying to make sure it’s tangible. We have the courage to speak out, and are willing to work with you to find ways to balance economic development and climate change.

New energy vehicles, bicycle sharing, green architecture… a growing number of climate action volunteers in China are fighting at the edge. Concrete actions taken by the government to control carbon emissions have also been well implemented. The strict investigation of domestic heating system, the heavy punishment for the illegal emission enterprises… we have put together our arsenals of knowledge from different professional fields to tackle global warming. Although what we have done is not perfect, we are still on the way.

I, as a member of the CYCAN China youth delegation, hope to participate in the communication with more youngsters from other countries. This time, we actively reach out to new media to demonstrate the benefit of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses to spread to more young people. We will cooperate with Chinese video portals to lively broadcast the negotiation process, and make a number of short videos which are suitable for spreading on social networks. As a new generation exposed to mass media, our lens is objective, our language simple and honest, and our emotions are sincere and concerned. As a member of CYCAN, our subsequent coverage was also unvarnished. As young people, we are glad to see that climate action has become our firm belief and our direction to move on step by step. We are the future, and we are more willing to maintain the future of our next generation. We eagerly pay attention because climate change is incorporated into every detail of our life.

In addition, we will also strive to connect other youth climate action organizations in different countries to communicate with each other, and actively seek the support of government officials and NGO leaders. We will be always chasing the pavements and to be brave – say it out loud.

At last, we invite you to learn about our organisation China Youth CAN, and to hear more voices from young people.

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